Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eng.38 - Remedial Instruction in English (syllabus)

This three-unit course in Remedial Instruction in English deals with the strategies and methods of contemporary English language teaching. This is geared for English language learners who are faced with difficulty in communicative competence in one or more domains. It also attempts to provide actual remediation through hands-on practice and various situational case studies.

I. Orientation to Functional Grammar

a) Parts of speech

b) Verbs & Tenses

c) Sentences Structures

Suggested Reading/ Resources Materials

Theory and Problems of ENGLISH GRAMMAR Third Edition by Eugene Ehrlich

II. How to teach English

1. Vocabulary

a) Compound words

b) Conversions

c) Word-attack skills

2. Listening and Comprehension:

a) Grasping the gist

b) Identifying the specific & extracting relevant information

c) Following Stress/Volume/Tone/Pace of speaker

d) Correcting the pronunciation

e) Understanding instructions

f) Answering oral questions

g) Note- making skill / Dictation

h) Reproducing / transforming short aural and oral texts

i) Comprehending interviews / Report / Articles

j) Reading Handout / Describing Pictures

3. Speaking and oral interaction

Different language functions in Daily life situation:

a. to give personal details: name, age, qualification, address etc.

b. to make requests/offers/Proposal/statements

c. to give instruction/to ask & answer questions

d. to agree/to disagree/ to argue

e. to invite/apologize/ refute/ regret/ welcome/ condole/ congratulate

f. to describe picture/map/chart/diagram

g. to take part in short contextualized dialogues

h. to present specific topic

i. to converse/to transforms/ to prepare speech.

j. to debate and discuss

k. to read/ to recite aloud

l. to reproduce/to define/to interpret

Books Recommended:

1. Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners

Herrell, Adrienne and Michael Jordan (California State Univ.)

2. The Practice of English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmer (Cambridge, UK)


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